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Vento Flex

Vento Flex


  • The new Vento Flex model has high productivity and upper segment standards. With its unique design, it is possible to cut both sheet metal and tubes.
  • Vento Flex has a size of 1530 mm x 3050 mm, 2030 mm x 4050 mm or 2030 mm x 6050 mm and an automatic dual shuttle pallet. With this fascinating machine you can cut tubes and profiles with a diameter of 15-150mm and a length of up to 6500mm.
  • 2kW, 3kW, 4kW and 6kW laser power options.
  • Speed, sensitivity, reliability and low cost of ownership with automatic nozzle change, load / unload system and more features.
  • Vento Flex is a great addition to your production that increases your productivity.
  • With a single button, you can switch from sheet metal cutting to pipe cutting without the need for any other equipment.

    • Vento Flex model has a special cutting table used for loading and unloading of flat sheet materials and unloading of pipe profile materials. The material unloading of the pipe profile is done with the help of a U-shaped groove on the table.
    • The U-shaped groove occupies half a meter of the cutting table. Loading and unloading of flat sheet material can be performed on the remaining part of the table without disassembling the groove.
    • In cases where a U-shaped groove is required, it can be easily disassembled and replaced with grids, and the entire table can be used for loading and unloading flat sheet material.

    The centering clamping device can precisely grip materials between Ø15 and Ø150mm in the center axis. The clamping jaw works with pneumatic drive and with adjustable pressure. The profile rotation axis and the profile drive axis are driven by the servo motor.


    The front chuck can grip materials between Ø15 and Ø150mm precisely in the central axis with 4 independent clamping jaws. The clamping jaw works with a pneumatic drive and with adjustable pressure.


    The supports are the supporting elements to prevent collapse and oscillation of the materials during cutting according to the cross-section and length dimensions of the tubes and profiles entered into the CNC. All settings are made automatically according to the section dimensions.

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