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Dragon Tube 6020T

Dragon Tube 6020T



The Dragon Tube 6020T tube cutting system is specifically designed for 3-4 axis laser processing of round tubes. This system allows loading and linear positioning of round tubes up to a diameter of 20-220mm. Rectangular tubes up to a side length of 10-150mm. The tubes can have a length of 6000mm and are loaded from a bundle system (option).


All machine movements are simultaneously monitored by the CNC.

The coordination between the laser parameters and the system movements are also under simultaneous supervision of the CNC.


This type of machine can be equipped with the laser powers for 1 - 6 kW.

  • Welded machine bed

    Graphite anti-burning technology, over 600 ° C heat treatment for 12 hours.

    Heat insulation, strong vibration resistance, more stable to avoid damage to the bed body during machine cutting. No deformation for more than 10 years.

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