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Scorpion LD-Series

Scorpion LD-Series


Scorpion LD series standard: high-speed, high-productivity and high-flexibility cutting.

Strong linear motors in the horizontal axes make this machine very fast. Together with a pallet changer, the machine ensures a very high level of productivity.

The Scorpion LD machines are often adapted in length and width to customer requirements. There are not the same sheet metal standards as in Germany in all countries. The largest Scorpion LD machine implemented to date processes sheets of 2000mm x 8000mm. Even the pallet changer has been specially adapted to this plate size.

The Scorpion LD Kombi has an NC-controlled rotary axis on the front. The customer mainly processes cylindrical tubes with a length of 2000mm. The chuck can accommodate diameters from 20mm to 200mm. The front door can be opened completely and thus enables barrier-free access to the workpiece. There is an opening in the side panel for processing longer pipes.

A loading and unloading system is adapted according to customer requirements. Production autonomy depends on the complexity of the parts and the material thickness: the more complex the contour, the longer the cutting time.

The goal is to produce as uninterrupted as possible. Even without an operator, even on weekends or at night. All that is needed is new metal sheets and empty pallets for the finished parts.

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