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Scorpion LM-Series

Scorpion LM-Series


Like the Scorpion LD series, the Scorpion LM series is also equipped with linear motors. The bridge is as long as the cutting area.

Two sliding doors allow easy access to the cutting table. The linear motors and the pallet changer ensure maximum productivity.

The difference between the Scorpion LM and the Scorpion LM Kombi is the axis of rotation. It allows you to process pipes from 20mm to 250mm in diameter. The pipes are loaded from the front. Small diameters from 20mm to 100mm can also be loaded from the side through the chuck.

It is also possible to process metal sheets up to a size of 2m x 6m with a special index design.


The owner of such a Scorpion LM Kombi 2000i series has the following requirements:

• Having a fast laser cutting machine available

• To be able to process sheets up to 2000mm x 6000mm

• A pallet changer for high production volumes

• A pipe cutting solution

From a cutting area of 2000mm x 3000mm of a standard Scorpion LM Kombi 2000i, a metal sheet of 2000mm x 6000mm is now processed in two steps.

First 3000mm are cut, then the pallet moves to process the 6000mm. We have already implemented such index solutions up to 8000mm.

  • Application

    Cutting, automation, individual production

  • Type of laser


  • sector

    Job shop , automotive, aerospace, ....

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